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E waste Sunnyside, electrical waste specialists.  There is an answer to computers and devices no longer in service and may seem useless.  With our corporation, you don’t need to hang on to old CD-Roms or PC boxes that have died.  We know that technology like this becomes a nuisance to hang onto.  Eventually chucking it in the bin seems to be the only answer.

However, what if we told you all that old stuff is recyclable?  That instead of throwing it into a bin, we will take it off your hands.

All ITAD processes are in place to make sure of your data protection.

E waste Sunnyside
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A place for old electronics E waste Sunnyside

A place for old electronics is E waste Sunnyside.  We are a reputable e-scrap yard for all electronic recycling.

For example, hard drives, gaming devices, and keyboards.  This equipment, along with others, is shredded and sorted.  Thereafter whatever plastics or metal are separated from them then are sent to various places for reuse.

Even the likes of CRT TV screens and ancient computer monitors are broken down for more recycled goods.

It doesn’t end there, consider fax machines security equipment like CCTV cameras and devices.  All of this when just dumped becomes a bigger problem for the environment.

Reduce environmental damage

Be a part of the solution and reduce environmental damage.  Contact E waste Sunnyside now.  We buy electronic waste for good money. 

The end-of-life equipment you have laying around is better off in our hands.  Irresponsible disposal of old electronics harms our planet.  With our resources and technology, there is a better way to dump it all.  We have found a way to crush down and separate components.  In addition, making sure hazardous materials are disposed of properly.

Did you know that lead, which is in a lot of devices, is toxic?  That is just one of the many harmful chemicals released in the incorrect disposal of goods.

Technology grows at a rapid rate.  Devices come and go.  So instead of being a part of the problem.  Be a part of the solution.

Contact E waste Sunnyside now for more information.

E waste Sunnyside
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